Ali M Sadeq

Department of Biomedical Applications, Baghdad University, Aljadiriy, Baghdad, Iraq


  • Research   
    Histological Evaluation of Laser Incision Properties Assisted by Exogenous Chromophores: (An in vitro Animal Study)
    Author(s): Ali M Sadeq*, Balsam S Abdulhameed and Ameer DH Hameedi

    The diode laser is becoming widely used for oral soft tissue procedures, due to approximate relation of infra- red wavelengths with absorption of oral soft tissue pigments. Thermal damage is one of the drawbacks that result from heating the tissue by laser. The aim of this study is to evaluate histologically the incisions properties of oral soft tissue created by diode 940 nm laser in combination with exogenous stain. Materials and methods: 60 samples of dimensions (1.5 × 1 × 0.5) cm from three sheep tongues collected directly after animal sacrificing divided into two groups. Group I, 20 samples without stain, Group II, 40 samples stained with erythrosine stain 3 %. The incisions made by 940 nm diode laser, with power 2 W in continuous mode. The incision time was recorded for all incisions. For histological examination the samples collected in sterile containers with buffe.. Read More»

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