K Anjaneyalu

Department of Conservative and Endodontics, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Science (SIMATS), Saveetha University, Chennai, India


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    Most Common Obturation Technique Used Between Anterior and Posterior Teeth
    Author(s): Abigail Ranasinghe and K Anjaneyalu*

    Introduction: Success of root canal therapy (RCT) is largely dependent upon the quality of biomechanical preparation and obturation of the pulp canal. A three dimensional seal of the root canal system is achieved by proper root canal obturation to prevent the recurrence of bacterial infection. The aim of this study is to determine the most common obturation technique used between anterior and posterior teeth. Materials and methods: This study is a retrospective observational study conducted in a university hospital in Chennai. This study was carried out between the month of November 2020- March 2021.Data of patients who had undergone root canal treatment were included in the study sample. This was followed by Excel tabulation. Data was analysed using SPSS Software. The association of study variables was calculated using Chi Square test. Results.. Read More»

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