Majd Qadoumi

Dental University Hospital, King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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    Causes and Patterns of Traumatic Mandibular and Maxillofacial Fractures in Saudi Arabia: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Author(s): Noura Alsufyani*, Rabab Bukhamseen and Majd Qadoumi

    Aims: to assess the demographic distribution, causes and types of mandibular-maxillofacial (MM) traumatic fractures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Methods: Several databases were searched for reports on MM factures in the KSA. Variables collected from articles that met inclusion criteria were: age, gender, city in KSA, cause and site of facial trauma. Results: 19 of 41 articles were eligible for data collection. Most subjects were male, 6,416 (23.5%) and >18 years old, 4,067 (56.8%). Of 8,981 fractures, there were 504 (5.6%) dentoalveolar, 1,867 (20.8%) zygomatico-maxillary complex, and 4,314 (48.0%) mandibular- with condylar fracture being the most frequent mandibular fracture, 969 (10.8%). Motor-vehicle accident (MVA) was the leading cause of MM fracture in KSA with pooled prevalence of 55.5% (39.0%-71.3%, I2=99.4%). Mandibular fracture was the most common site of fracture.. Read More»

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