Souad Hassan Ali

Department of Prosthetic Dental Technology, College of Health and Medical Technology, Middle Technical University, Iraq


  • Research   
    The Influence Using of Two Adhesive Resin Material on the Shear Bond as a new Construction of Artificial Scleral
    Author(s): Souad Hassan Ali* and Akhlas Zeid Abood

    Background: The device used to simulation of the visible part of the eye is called the ocular prosthesis, that generally used to improve cosmetic, level of function and psychic statue for patient after removed an eye as result to congenital anomaly, external injury and tumor. Objective: The aim of this in vitro study was to valuation the effect using of various resin cements on the shear bond strength between (Heat Clear Acrylic Resin with E-max Heat Press Veneer) for construction of artificial scleral as a new technique. Material and Methods: Twenty rectangle samples, each sample consist of two part (substructure and veneer) of Clear heat cure acrylic resin substructure and IPS E-max Heat Press Veneer ceramic was jointed together by using two types of adhesive (conventional Glass ionomer cement and or Breeze self -adhesive resin cement), (0.3 Milliliter (ml) of adhesive resin cement .. Read More»

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