Takatoshi Kawai

Department of General Dentistry, The Nippon Dental University Hospital, Tokyo, Japan


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    Effect of Additional Heat Treatment of Silane-Coated Machinable Ceramics on Bond Strength
    Author(s): Toshio Maseki*, Chie Tokita, Seisuke Koshida, Masahiko Maeno, Takatoshi Kawai, Azusa Shirota and Masaru Yamase

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of surface treatment with a silane coupling agent combined with heat treatment on bonding to machinable CAD/CAM ceramics. The polished ceramic specimens were treated with a silane coupling agent, or with a silane coupling agent combined with an additional dry heat treatment (100 ºC for 10 min.). The treated specimens were bonded, and tensile bond strengths were measured (n=8) after storage in water at 37 ºC for 1 day and 30 days. In addition, the contact angle values of a flowable resin composite dropped on the three types of ceramic specimen (silanized ceramic specimen, silanized and additional dry treatment specimen, and polished ceramic specimen as control) were measured (n=5). Two-way ANOVA revealed that the effects of heat treatment and storage in water were highly significant (p<0.05). One-way ANOVA and the q-t.. Read More»

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