Thaer A Mukhlif

Department of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Ministry of Health, Al-Anbar Health Director, Iraq


  • Research   
    The Effect of Adding Poloxamer Surfactant on the Penetration Depth of NaOCl and NaOH into Dentinal Tubules
    Author(s): Thaer A Mukhlif* and Raghad A Al-Hashimi

    Objectives: The purpose of this in vitro study was to compare the effect of adding poloxamer surfactant to irrigant solutions on the penetration depth inside dentinal tubules. Materials and method: 63 human single roots of permanent premolar (7 for each group) were used in this in vitro study. Roots embedded in container (filled with impression silicon) were instrumented with ProTaper Rotary instruments till size F4, each group (7 roots) were irrigated with one of the following solution: NaOH (5% (A1), 2.5/(A2), 0.5%(A3)), NaOH+Poloxamer (5%(B1), 2.5%(B2), 0.5%(B3)), NaOCl 5.25%(C1), NaOCl+Poloxamer (C2), and Normal Saline(D). Each group was irrigated with 3 ml of EDTA 17% for 1 Minute to remove smear layer then washing with normal saline. After that, the roots were filled with methylene blue that washed later by one of solut.. Read More»

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