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Current Issue July-September 2015 | Vol. 3 | Issue 3

Review Article
  1. Quorum sensing – Meetings in the Microbial World
    Authors: SuchethaA, ChitraJayachandran, Darshan BM, Sapna N, Apoorva SM, NandithaChandran
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Growth factors: Role in periodontal regeneration
    Authors: Suchetha A, Manjari Lalwani, Darshan BM, Sapna N, Divya Bhat, Koduru Sravani
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

Original Article
  1. Infant deaths’ audit: Contextual factors contributing to Infant deaths in tribal district of Valsad, Gujarat (India)
    Authors: Infant deaths, verbal autopsy, low birth weight babies, health interventions
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Clinical trial for the effectiveness of Unilateral Paravertebral Block Versus Unilateral Subarachnoid Block in Unilateral inguinal hernia for Herniorrhaphy
    Authors: Nikam Sneha G, Lawhle Sunil S, Lalwani Dinesh L, Bhagat Jayal
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Alcohol Abuse: A Cause of Default in Tuberculosis Treatment in Rajkot
    Authors: Daxini Arvind B, Pandey Arvind S, Vasava Lilavati N
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Knowledge regarding biomedical waste management among RHOs (Resident house officers) in a tertiary care centre
    Authors: Manoj Dudi, Rupa Sharma, Manish Jain
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Effects of Different Concentrations of Bleaching Agent on the Micro hardness of Restorative Materials”– An In Vitro Study
    Authors: K. Srinivasan, S. Chitra
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Knowledge rate of Dentists Regarding Dental Consideration of Bisphosphonate Drug User Patients
    Authors: Emran Hajmohammadi, Sahand Sattarzadeh, Firouz Amani
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Sero-prevalence and comparative study of diagnostic tests in syphilis in tertiary care teaching hospital, Western India
    Authors: Murawala SM, Vegad MM, Chudasama VC, Priyadharsini G, Gandhi PV
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Prevalence & antibiogram of Pseudomonas aeruginosa at S.S.G. Hospital, Baroda, Gujarat, India
    Authors: Jignasha Tadvi, T. B. Javadekar, Rachana Bhavsar, Nirav Garala
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Study of the Morbidity and the Mortality Pattern in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at a Tertiary Care teaching Hospital in Gandhinagar District, Gujarat, India
    Authors: Modi Rohit, Modi Bhavesh, PatelJaiminkumar, K. Margaret Punitha
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. The effect of depth of invasion and tumour size on risk of neck node metastasis in squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity: retrospective analysis
    Authors: Shyam S Trehan, Kartik Patel, HK Shukla, Umang Tripathi, Mahavir Tadaiya
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Comparative Study of Endoscopic Septoplasty without and With Endonasal-Septal Suturing Techniques
    Authors: Dodia M N, Shah N, Shah A
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Numerical Variation in the Branches of the Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery: Cadaveric Research
    Authors: Chauhan Pradip, Rathwa Ashish, Adhvaryu Monika, Chauhan Alpa, Rathod Suresh
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A study of AgNOR count in FNAC lymphnode in case of lymphadenopathy.
    Authors: Vasava Kunjika T, Shah Nayana A, Katara Rajesh K, Desai Nandini J, Damor Virendra M
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A study on coronary dominance patterns in the human heart and its clinical significance
    Authors: Damor Bhavana, Tank Kamlesh, Solanki Seema, Kumar Sneha V
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Semen analysis: Study of hundred samples of semen, in association with different epidemiological parameters, from cases of male infertility
    Authors: Tejas Choksi, Avni Patel, Atul Shrivastav, A. S. Agnihotri
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Morphometric analysis of human trachea in adult in Gujarat region by luminal cast Plastination
    Authors: Solanki Seema, Ashiyani Zarana
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A comparative study of closed reduction and plaster cast application versus kirschner wire fixation in colles fracture
    Authors: Modi Nikunj, Aditya Pundkar, Om Patil, Ganesh Pundkar, R. W. Baitule
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

Case Report
  1. A case report on Submucosal laryngeal lesion: A diagnostic jinx
    Authors: Kartik Patel, Shyam Sundar Trehan, Rutul Patel, Hemant Shukla
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Transient synovitis resulting in hip subluxation – Emergent arthrocentesis as diagnostic and therapeutic tool
    Authors: Ganesh Singh Dharmshaktu, Tanuja Pangtey
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

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