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Current Issue January-March 2016 | Vol. 4 | Issue 1

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Review Article
  1. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Botulinum Toxin (BTX); Can Paralysis Be A Bless?
    Authors: Mohamed Shamel, Mahmoud M Al Ankily, Mahmoud M Bakr
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Host modulation therapy- An innovative paradigm in dentistry
    Authors: Latha G1, Suchetha A, Darshan B Mundinamane, Apoorva SM1, Divya Bhatt, Vinaya Shree MP
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Medical emergencies in dental clinic
    Authors: Rushil Shah, Chandan Venkatesh, Palak Patel, Nikan Makadia
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Variegated treatment modalities for trigeminal neuralgia
    Authors: Anshul Shah, Aditi Kumbhalwar, Ragasree P, Sonali Patel, Ajay Pala, Neetika Thukral
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

Original Article
  1. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Expression and Incidence of Cystic Changes in Asymptomatic Dental Follicles in Smoking Patients
    Authors: Timuçin Baykul, Semra Kayaaltı Özarslan, Kayhan Başak, Müge Çına Aksoy
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A Study on Perception of Health Care Workers In Relation To HIV/AIDS in Jamnagar District
    Authors: Kapil Gandha, Kishor M Dhaduk, Dipesh Parmar, kaushik lodhiya, pradeep pithadia
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A Qualitative Study of Sexual behaviour and practices of school going adolescents in a rural area of Panvel Taluka
    Authors: Fazila Patankar, Shalini Ojha, Daksha Pandit
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. The Morphometric Measurement of Segments of Humerus
    Authors: Zarana A. Ashiyani, Seema Solanki, C. D. Mehta
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Evaluation of internet addiction disorder among undergraduate students of different streams in Udaipur city
    Authors: Rohit Jain, Shalabh Sharma, Keerti, Manish Jain, Poornima Sharma
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice concerning Hepatitis B infection among the health care personnel in selected Primary Health Care Centres in Lucknow
    Authors: Mukesh Shukla, Shantanu Tyagi, Neeraj Kumar Gupta
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Type A Personality & Coronary Artery Disease: A Case Control Study
    Authors: Ram Rohit V, Chauhan Rajendrasinh B, Trivedi Atul V
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Aggressiveness and increased lymph node involvement in younger patients (<40 years) suffering from breast cancer
    Authors: Nisha Gupta, Asha Satwara, Gunjan Bala, Jignasha Mungra, Pravina M Santwani
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. ABO and Rh association to transfusion transmitted infections among healthy blood donors in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
    Authors: Sumit Bharadva, Jitendra Vachhani, Spruha Dholakiya
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A study on visual outcome after laser photocoagulation in diabetic retinopathy cases
    Authors: Hetaj K Sheth, Kshama B Popat, Neeti R. Sheth, Vimal J Vyas
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. “Closing Gaps in Routine Immunization – Impact and Cost Assessment on components of New Vaccine Policy in Routine Immunization in Gujarat, India”
    Authors: Shah Harsh D, Shah Bonny H, Parmar Ketan, Jain Surendra
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

Case Report
  1. Gingival hyperplasia and quality of life
    Authors: Madhura Antharsanahally Shivakumar, Melwin Mathew, Pushpalatha Govindaraju, Deepthi Pabbu Suvarchala
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

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