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Current Issue July-September 2014 | Vol. 2 | Issue 3

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Review Article
  1. Chandipura Virus: Another Exotic Tropical Disease?
    Authors: Dipshikha Maiti, Prasenjit Halder, Pritam Roy, SK Rasania
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Oral Manifestations of Diabetes
    Authors: Reeta Jha, Preeti Kalyani, Riddhi Bavishi
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

Original Article
  1. Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding: Association with Bilateral Tubal Ligation
    Authors: Killol N Desai, Vidya Satapara, Menka Shah
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Determination of sex from the width and the area of human sternum & manubrium in Gujarat population
    Authors: Mohit V Changani, Jatin Chudasama, Dhaval Talsaniya, Jignesh Vadgama, Balkrishna Thummar, T C Singel
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Study of Serum Magnesium Levels in Diabetic Retinopathy
    Authors: Mohamed Murtuza Kauser, Asfia Afreen, Kasi Jagadeesh M
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
    Authors: Meera D. Parmar, Sushil K. Suri, Dinesh V. Ghoghari
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A comparative study of frontalis sling surgery for simple congenital ptosis: use of autogenous fascia lata compared with silicon rod.
    Authors: Chawala A, Mansuri G, Trivedi N
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A cross sectional study to determine the tobacco use pattern among school children in central India
    Authors: Aarti Sahsrabudhhe , Jayashri Bute, H.M.Dabhi, V.K.Arora
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A study on changes in keratometry readings and astigmatism induced by pterygium before and after pterygium excision surgery.
    Authors: Kshama B Popat, Hetaj K. Sheth, Vimal J. Vyas, Matib M. Rangoonwala, Ronak K. Sheth, Jinkal C. Shah
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A study of Clinicohistopathological correlation of leprosy in a tertiary care hospital in western district of Rajasthan.
    Authors: Ankur Kumar, S. R. Negi, Kusum Vaishnav
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from various clinical samples at Tertiary care hospital of rural gujarat
    Authors: Nirav Pandya, Anil Chaudhary, Sanjay Mehta, Rosy Parmar
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Reconstruction of meshed linea alba & paramedican continuous suturing of mesh - a new approach in incisional hernia repair
    Authors: Prashant Narhar Mukadam, Ishan H. Shah
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. A cross sectional study to measure the prevalence of malnutrition and factors associated with malnutrition among under five children of an urban slum of Vadodara city.
    Authors: Chetan N. Popat, Arun I. Chaudhari, V.S. Mazumdar, S.V. Patel
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Clinical assesment of agenesis of palmaris longus muscle and its association with gender, body sides in western Indian population
    Authors: Varsha R Navgire, Pradeep K Pawar
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Is dengue emerging as a major public health problem in southern region of Gujarat?
    Authors: Tanvi Panwala, Summaiya Mulla
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

Case Report
  1. Bilateral condyle dislocation and parasymphysis fracture of mandible in a child
    Authors: ANC John
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]
  1. Retinal haemorrhage in a 10 month old infant with Terson syndrome
    Authors: Menon Narayanankutty Sunilkumar, Vadakut Krishnan Parvathy
    [Full PDF] [Abstract]

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